St. Patrick's Day 2018!

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

We Found Chocolate in our Pots Today!

We love St. Patrick's Day. Each year we decorate with our favorite green decorations and welcome the renewal of color after a long winter and this winter was very long. Putting out my green wreaths and leprechauns reminded me that under the snow still blanketing our yard is wonderful green grass and beautiful spring flowers just waiting to poke their buds through the soil and great the warm sunshine.

St. Patrick's Day is definitely an underrated holiday that is often overlooked as an excuse to focus on drinking endeavors. And sadly my own decoration collection for this holiday is also slightly overlooked compared to my other spring holiday decorations. But this year I added a few new touches that really brought my shelf game up a notch.

Earlier in the year I found the cutest mini enamel teapots. I got a couple in a deep shade of green and sorta was lost on what to do with them. They were so cute but the color was not working for my regular decor. After unpacking the St. Patrick's Day box I realized that these teapots were the perfect color to match my other decorations. I used them on the shelf with my leprechauns and sparkly clover pieces and the vintage feel paired exceedingly well with the fun glittery decor I already had.

I have this driftwood leaf tray that I got at Pier 1. It is one of those pieces that I change out the filler depending upon the holiday and season. This year I added the faux mossy rocks and the faux boxwood spheres also from Pier 1. I love how the textures and feel of it turned out.

The day would not be complete with a warm lamb stew dinner accompanied by rye bread. It is the only time of year my husband makes this delicacy which I anticipate with much enthusiasm. I think that having the stew only once a year makes every bite that much more gratifying.

This year my mother-in-law was tasked with finding a new Irish themed desert. It is not an easy task given all of our different tastes in desserts. But one can never go wrong with something of the chocolate persuasion. She found the best recipe on pinterest for an easy to make chocolate mousse with an Irish cream reduction sauce. She tweaked the recipe only slightly by using 1 tsp of liquor in recipe instead of 3 Tbs. For the sauce she used 3 cups of liquor and cooked it down- which took longer then 2-3 minutes. The extra we stored in the fridge to use in our morning coffees.

The results were a fabulous hit! Even my picky mother loved the mousse which is a triumph in any holiday (FYI the lamb stew did not measure up). Check out the recipe here and be sure to try it out next year for your special Irish themed dinner.

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