Most Loved Ornament

The Christmas tree is finally up and ready to be decorated. You start to carefully unpack your ornaments and strategically place them on the tree. Some are new, some are hand made and some hold special place in your heart. You arrange them carefully until the last bulb goes up and the magic of glittering lights, garland, pine and ornaments fills the space. I love decorating the tree and I have many ornaments that have been with me from my very first Christmas on my own. But now my favorite ornaments are the ones that I bought the year my babies were born. I realized this year that if I lost every one of the other ornaments I would be crushed but if I lost those I would be devastated. They are the first to come out and go on the tree with the help of the little hands that they represent.

Babies First Christmas ornaments really remind me that this time of year is all about family and the love that we share. Plus they are so darn cute!

This is my Baby's First Christmas Ornament.

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