Easter 2018: Bunnies, Carrots and Decor!

Happy Easter everyone! We are having a relaxed and low key Easter Sunday. This family is so blessed to be able to spend this beautiful day together. Easter is such a fun and uplifting day to be able to celebrate. I love decorating for Easter as well. All the bright colors and patterns clear away the fog of winter. It really reflects the rebirth of the seasons and life around us. I did not add to my collection this year but I did try out some new arrangements with my decorations that turned out amazing.

One of the best purchases I ever made was a 3 tier enamel and wood tray. I change out the decorations all the time on it and it allows me to create fun little arrangements. This time the middle tray had the cutest arrangement on it. I used little bunny figurines and paired them with sparkly egg filler. The bunnies look mischievous amongst the eggs.

I decided to go simpler with my shelf this year. I kept the cute bunny but garland and I added a fun carrot at the end. The top part was just a Mr. and Mrs. Bunny with a Happy Easter Sign and two egg pedestals. I definitely need more filler for the shelf.

I don't really have any table decorations for Easter. I need placemats, dishes and other decorations because we usually have Easter diner at our house. I was able to get a runner this year thanks to Sue. She made me a grey burlap runner with the cutest bunny butts on it. She made sure that the bunny tails were soft cotton balls. I think my table is a little too big for the runner she got but it still turned out great. I placed an enamel tray with handles at the end and put a couple of my favorite bunnies in the tray. I am very partial to the Mommy and baby bunny!

A few years ago, before I even had kids, one of my very first purchases for Easter was a giant country style Easter Bunny. I envisioned it being a family heirloom type decoration that we would put out every year. She fits great in the corner and really commands the attention of all the other decorations.

We unfortunately have had the plague for awhile now in our household so we are not going to have our grand dinner this year. Alas another ham is safe from us today. I have so many more decoration pictures in the gallery please go check them out!

Have fun decorating!


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