Booth Dreams are a Reality!

We are so excited to announce that we have just moved into our first booth space!! It was a whirlwind experience and frankly the opportunity came out of nowhere. Through a chance conversation we were offered a small booth (beginners booth) at a local Antique Market. But after we updated the booth with our own signature touch (subject of another post later) another vendor loved it so much that they offered to take over the small booth and let us have their bigger 10x10 corner aisle booth. Not only was the booth bigger but was on the main path around the market!

We got to work right away fixing up the new space after we had just fixed up the other space and did not even have time to move into it. We decided to paint the two walls of our new space with two contrasting colors so that we could feature certain pieces against a light and dark wall. We went with a dark grey and bright white. Our booth is unique in that it is lined with cedar from the top of the walls to the ceiling so that brought a lot of warmth to the colors.

We painted the walls of our new booth a contrasting dark grey and bright white.

Finally we were able to move in but because we had already committed to Vintage Market being held at the fairgrounds we did not have a lot of our pieces to place in the booth. But I think it turned out beautifully!

All moved in!

We started doing the vintage markets in the hopes that one day we would be able to get a booth. It was always our dream to have a little stall full of hand picked treasures. Now we get to live our dream!

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